dinsdag 15 maart 2011

On the first page of our story the future seems so bright

I've been very busy with school again the last few days and I've taken some decisions which was really hard for me. But I hope I did the right things and I'll have so much more time for myself and for my blog!

My outfit from a few days ago.

By the way, I bought tickets for the concert of Bruno Mars on the 5th of july! I'm going with a friend of mine and her mother, I think it's going to be amazing and I love his music!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. leuk meis! Ik ben al naar Bruno geweest, he's good! (Andhot, hahaha).

  2. super gaaf, ik hoorde dat het heel snel uitverkocht was!

  3. Mooie outfit, dat jurkje staat je goed! (:

  4. lovely dress :)

    and bruno mars is really cool..have fun!


  5. so beautiful dress and hat!! :)



  6. leuk jurkje! en wat leuk dat je naar bruno mars gaat, ik was vorig jaar in oktober geweest en hij is echt goed live. (:

  7. thanks for your comment a few days ago! Wat gaaf die naaimachine, ik zou willen dat ik kon naaien haha

  8. Brunooo Maaaars are you fucking serious ? Maar het is wss in nl ;s balen

    Mooi jurkje x


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