donderdag 30 december 2010

Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right, please leave all the bad things behind

Tomorrow is the last day of 2010, I'd love to start a whole new year.
There are so many things I'd rather forget about last year, I just wanna make a whole new start!
But there are also really great things about this year.
I'm going to make a post with all the good memories from 2010, but not now, because I have to pack my bags. I'm going to Almere the next two days! A really good friend of mine, Yara, lives there. I know her from the summer vacation.

By the way, I was on vacation with an organisation called 'Simbo'. The organisation also has an online site, and at the online site are pictures from me and the others from the group! I'll show them!

One other amazing thing from this year is that I've become really good friends with Sarah. I could'nt wish for a better friend. I don't think there's anybody who knows me better than she does and she takes me for who I am!

I have more pictures from Sarah and me but I'll show them another time!

woensdag 29 december 2010

It doesn't matter how far apart we are now

I was with Sarah the last two days. We went to the city
and made some pictures in the forest. I love the snow, it's almost gone here
but at the place where Sarah lives is still a lot snow!
Next week I'm going to Sarah again. We are going to her prom and the day
after that we are going to the primark together. So that's really cool!

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away

Merry christmas to all of you!
I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful time of the year!

(picture from

I wanted to tell that my selfmade dress is finished, here a little sneek-peek. I have to make better pictures another time because today I'm going to spend time with my family .

I went to the city the day before yesterday and bought these rings! I like them a lot!

woensdag 22 december 2010

In this california king bed, we're ten thousand miles apart

Hey girls!
My selfmade dress is almost finished, tomorrow after school I'm going to sewingclass and in the afternoon I'm going to the market with a friend. We are going to look for new fabrics and ribbons. I really look forward to it.
This is the top of my dress. I love the open back!

It's white everywhere, I really think it's so beautiful. Everytime I'm walking outside I just need to make pictures.

By the way, I love my new ring and the earrings I got from Sarah! Next week I'm going to see her again, it's gonna be amazing because it always is with you! ♥

dinsdag 14 december 2010

Your one and only source into the scandalous life of Manhattan's elite

I'm a little bit addicted to Gossip Girl, I've wathed the whole first season in five days. Shame on me. But I really really like it!
I told you I was going to show some patterns I made so here they are. It's quite difficult to make.

My outfit from today!

donderdag 9 december 2010

I deserve much more than this, 'cause there's only one thing I want

I was wearing this today! I have three days in the week a free afternoon, that's very nice. I have to do a lot of homework so I can use some extra time.

I had sewingclass today, I'm still busy with my dress but it's almost finished! I think it's going to be so pretty! Tomorrow I'm gonna show some patterns I made for the cursus which I'm also doing. I also wanna start making a skirt all by myself. I've learned how to make patterns so I think it might work out pretty good.

I wanted to show you my new boots, I really like them because when I wear them I don't have cold feets! That's great!

Thankyou for the sweet comments, and thanks for following me! ♥ I really like that!

dinsdag 7 december 2010

I’m always on the road with so many things to do and places to go

I was with Sarah last weekend, we had so much fun!

I bought some clothes, not very special, and nice warm boots. I like them for when the snow is back and it's really cold outside. I'll show everything later!
I got this beautiful scarf from Sarah as a present and I bought the matching hat.

And I love my new owl ring!

I think it's a good idea for me to save money, I still have to pay my father back and I really want a good camera.

vrijdag 3 december 2010

Maybe I will believe it, I'm getting over you

I'm so happy it's finally weekend!
This evening I'm going to friends and tomorrow I'm going to Breda with Sarah, I think we will have a great time.
There is still snow everywhere, it's really beautiful! I made some pictures with my mother yesterday, here they are.

woensdag 1 december 2010

I fight back these tears 'cause I still feel you here

I was going to wear this today, but I was feeling sick this morning so I put on my pyjama and I've slept the whole afternoon! It worked out perfectly, I'm not sick anymore!

I wanted to show you photos of an assignment for school. The subject was 'the secret'. I was inspired by some pictures from deviantart, so I'm not the one who invented it all.