donderdag 28 april 2011

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, you'll always be my thunder

First of all, thankyou for the comments about my Labello collection, it really makes me happy! I have 76 different ones at this moment.
Here you can see my outfit from today!

Saturday it's Queensday in the Netherlands and tomorrow it's queensnight so I'm going to celebrate it with friends, I really look forward to it! What are your plans for queensday?

I made my own skirt, here a little sneek peek! I think I'll wear it tomorrow and I'll show better pictures the next time.

woensdag 27 april 2011

If you could see me now, we could move on somehow

I'm so sorry, I'm such a bad blogger..
I've been busy with everything, except with my blog.. Stupid me. But I had a great time the last few days, the weather was really good and I did nice things with friends!
Here you can see my outfit from a few days ago.

A picture with my friend, Marthe!

I said I was going to show my complete Labello collection so here it is, with a close-up from my newest one.

dinsdag 19 april 2011

You got me thinking about a scandal

I love this weather, it makes me so happy! On this picture you can see my outfit from today. It was so hot with tights..

The new episode from Gossip Girl came online today, I'm so excited for the next one.

I went to the city with my mother this afernoon and bought this! A skirt from h&m and a new Labello. I'll show my whole collection next time, I have 76 different ones right now.

donderdag 14 april 2011

I'm in the corner watching you kiss her. I'm right over here, why can't you see me?

My outfit from today! I'm not sick anymore so that really makes me happy! And it's my best friends birthday today, Sarah! She's finally sixteen years old, it was about time.. No, just kidding! It's a shame that I'm not able to show up on her birthday but we're living so far apart from each other.

Close up from my tights. Spread the love!

I'm going to make my own skirt again. With flowers, I love flowers and it's great for the summer.

zondag 10 april 2011

I'm just going in circles and I need to find a way out

Saturday I've been to the Efteling with friends, it was amazing! The only problem: there was a new show called 'The Raveleijn' and in the show were horses. I'm allergic for horses.. That wasn't so much of a pleasure..

And when I got home, I got even more sick and I still don't feel so good.

Here are some pictures with my friends from other days, I'll show the pictures from saturday another time!

woensdag 6 april 2011

Here I am again doing thing I said that I would't do

I told you about the medieval dress I made for school, we kept a photo shoot with the dress and here is the result!

I'm curious, do you like the photos? And which ones do you prefer?

maandag 4 april 2011

The point is, we can't help who we fall in love with

I told you about the dress I made for my profile paper, right? It was a work piece for school. In the year you’ll pass your exams you have to make it and it’s very important. I decided to choose as subject ‘fashion’ and we made it about how fashion has changed from the middle ages until the 19th century. And I made my own dress based on the dresses women were wearing in the middle ages, it is called a bliaud.

We also kept a photo shoot with the dress, it was with the intention to make it look like a real dress from the middle ages. I’ll show more in the next post because it will be to much for one post.

The presentation from the work piece was last Thursday and it went very well. People were so interested and they all loved the dress. We made cookies in the form of shoes and dresses, it was so cute! And they were delicious!