donderdag 9 december 2010

I deserve much more than this, 'cause there's only one thing I want

I was wearing this today! I have three days in the week a free afternoon, that's very nice. I have to do a lot of homework so I can use some extra time.

I had sewingclass today, I'm still busy with my dress but it's almost finished! I think it's going to be so pretty! Tomorrow I'm gonna show some patterns I made for the cursus which I'm also doing. I also wanna start making a skirt all by myself. I've learned how to make patterns so I think it might work out pretty good.

I wanted to show you my new boots, I really like them because when I wear them I don't have cold feets! That's great!

Thankyou for the sweet comments, and thanks for following me! ♥ I really like that!

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  1. hay thanks for your comment :) i am following back now yay

    F. ( xx

  2. Niceee!
    Those boots seems to be very warm!

  3. bedankt mirjam! ik vind jou outfit ook superleuk, vooral het rokje!♥

  4. HI DEAR!Thanks for your sweet comment! Love this red skirt! Following! I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss

  5. Ah dit rokje is leuk!
    Ik moet weer snel eventjes wat basic rokjes gaan halen haha!

    &Bedankt voor je lieve reactie,
    haha ow ik dacht echt dat ik dat een keertje gelezen had XD
    Ik heb er nu ongeveer 45 van die gewone, die lipglosjes spaar ik niet ^^
    En dan eb ik nog wat dubbele, maar die tel ik niet mee haha!

  6. Ik hou niet van rood maar het staat je leuk!

  7. Such cute details...I love your red skirt!

    Happy Monday, cheers: Evi

  8. Super leuke top, ik ben jaloers op jouw vrije middagen heb ik dus echt noooooit :( :P

  9. that red skirt looks pretty on you x


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