dinsdag 19 april 2011

You got me thinking about a scandal

I love this weather, it makes me so happy! On this picture you can see my outfit from today. It was so hot with tights..

The new episode from Gossip Girl came online today, I'm so excited for the next one.

I went to the city with my mother this afernoon and bought this! A skirt from h&m and a new Labello. I'll show my whole collection next time, I have 76 different ones right now.

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  1. cute outfit :)


  2. nice outfit
    & leuke aankoopjes! :) xxx

  3. Je ziet er leuk uit! Mooi je nieuwe rokje :).

  4. Ik ben heel droevig in dit weer. Maar alleen als ik moet werken, want dan is het in het magazijn heeeeeeeeel erg warm. Maar verder niet.

  5. Echt een ontzettend leuke outfit! Vooral dat rokje ♥

  6. super leuk rokje! maar is het niet ietsje te warm voor een panty? hahah

  7. I just bought the same skirt! It's so soft and pretty for summer.

  8. I am such a big fan of Gossip Girl!!! =) And I was so happy to know that you are too... I super love the glamour you put into the photo without trying too much... You are born with it! I love the dress and the tights... =) You look comfortable wearing the whole style...

    Loving this blog!

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