maandag 25 oktober 2010

I need your arms around me, holding me tight. Cause at the moment, nothing feels right.

I've been in Londen with my mother, it was really amazing!
The city is so big and crowded, people are everywhere. I bought lots of clothes, I will show everything tomorrow. In this post I want to show some photos I made with my mother.
On the boat to England;

We went to the Oxford Street and the Regent street on the first day.
We had so much of bags so we didn't stay long, we went back to the hotel in Stevenage with the train. There was also a Primark, I bought some clothes there because it was so busy in Londen, I had not been able to find everything I wanted.

With my mother in the hotel room;

In Stevenage;

The second day we went to Harrods, Notting Hill (Portobello Road) and a musical: Dreamboats and petticoats. Here some photos;

In Notting Hill;

We went to Leicester square for tickets and we went to this musical;

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  1. Ah gaaf, Londen is echt leuk hè?
    En die cupcakes daar waren echt heerlijk!
    Ben benieuwd wat je allemaal hebt gekocht (:

  2. Thank you so much for your comment haha :)
    I love your pics from this post. Looks like you had ana amzing time :)


  3. wat leuk!!
    ik was 2 weken geleden ook nog in londen..
    het was zó leuk! {l}

    leuke foto's heb je trouwens!

  4. Very cute outfits! You look really pretty. Im sure you had the grandest time shopping. Is there a Primark in Holland? Where do you shop usually?
    P.S. Hope you like my newest outfit post and follow my blog too :)

  5. ah het moet zeker leuk zijn geweest!

  6. You hit all the best parts I think!! Is that a hummingbird cupcake?

  7. Oh wat leuk! Je hebt echt leuke dingen gedaan! En ook leuk met je moeder!

  8. Super leuk! En die twee tassen van de primark aaah, ik ben jaloers :P

  9. Wat een leuke foto's. Heb direct zin om ook naar Londen te gaan met mijn moeder..

  10. Super leuke foto's Mirjam! :D

  11. Oh my, what a fun post!:D Thanks for sharing.:D

    Glad you and your mom had a great time!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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